Let me start by wishing you a resounding success in this New Year. May it be a year you will experience the greatest success in all your years so far.

A New Year is here already and nothing says January better, than resumption of school and the end of the Christmas and New Year break. It’s typically a blend of emotions for both students and parents alike. The students are sad that they get to leave the constant gaming and holiday fun but they’re excited about coming back to class. The parents on the other hand, are happy that their wards are back in school and so less handling, but there’s also the part where fees come up.

Be that as it may, the back-to-school period is one of the most difficult transitions seeing as children are moving from holiday routine to school time and here are a few tips to help with the difficult transitioning:

  1. Bring Back the Bed Times

Clearly, those ground rules that were a thing need to creep in quietly and silently to the system. They need to know that there’s a set bedtime back in place and a time for them to get up.

  1. Buy Some School Supplies

In preparation for the new academic term, it is important to get the students the necessary school supplies they’ll need for the term. It’ll help them and help you, as you don’t need to run about for them after they resume. To buy the best educational resources in Lagos, call +234(0) 802 897 6951

  1. Discuss Previous Results

The few days before resumption are perfect to discuss the result of the previous academic term. Admittedly, this may have been done before now but a little repeating never hurt anyone. Praise the good things about the report card and highlight what went wrong, if any.

  1. Set Goals

It’s also a great time to help your child set down goals for the year. It could be increasing the overall average score or putting more effort in a particular subject he or she doesn’t like or even making a goal to come out tops in his class. This, eventually, will help them get ready to conquer and be productive in school.

  1. Meet the Teacher

If the school has open house events where the parents get to meet the teachers before the new term, take advantage of the opportunity to talk to your child’s teacher. Basically, highlight his or her strength and weakness and where you’ll want work carried out on. It’ll help the teacher understand the student in quick time.

  1. Bid Farewell to Play Things

If your ward is one of the easily distracted ones, then maybe it’s time to get rid of the gaming console in his room or the ball in the garden or the iPad he had for the holidays. Whatever the case may be, it’s very important to take away objects they use in playing to prepare for the term ahead.

  1. Finish Up on Projects

A lot of schools give out holiday projects to their students which are presented on the first day of the new school term. The period before school starts up is a good time to help your ward complete his or hers.

  1. Enrol Your Child in Co-curricular Activities

Games, sports, music, STEM, arts and crafts are key activities that will help your child to develop creative mind and discover his/her hidden talents. Therefore, enrol your child in co-curricular activity to ensure a well-rounded education. For more information, CLICK HERE

With all of these being put in place, your child will definitely feel good when resuming for the New Year.

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By Mr. Chibuzor Iwobi

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