The world we live in is as competitive as ever, and as parents, it is vital to understand how we can give our children the best tools to cope with the challenges life will bring. It is also important to seek help and advice and not feel like we know it all, even when it comes to our children.

So, below, are some basic steps to help you raise successful children in the 21st Century

High Expectations

Having high expectations of your child might seem like undue stress to them, but studies have shown that children are more successful when this is the case and when their parents are involved in helping them attain a particular goal. It also stands them in good stead for the future because having a target oriented mentality is a sure fire way to achieving success. So, it is crucial to expect greatness from your children and guide them in the process.

Healthy Parent-Child relationship

A tasking parent is important, but adding compassion and attentiveness to the mix is a sure way to raise a successful 21st Century child. It is crucial for a child to feel that they are being heard and that they can come to you for anything. The bond this creates, gives them a better chance of success as it creates a warm, nurturing environment for them to thrive. It also sets a positive pattern as they get older and still keep you in the loop when times get tough.

Give Them Responsibility!

This is essential if you want to raise a successful 21st century child. Ensuring they are given responsibility in and outside the house ensures they take good habits along with them as they go on in life. Yes, I know it can be tempting to not want to stress your child, or to let the help at home do all the chores, but this sets a very bad precedent. Author, Julie Lythcott- Haimes notes that when you don’t let your kids do chores ‘they are absolved of not only doing the work but learning that work has to be done’.

Laziness is the antithesis of what a successful child should project.

Set A Good Example

Your children pay far more attention to your behaviour than you think. From the occasional swear word, to when we’re elated or sad, or when we forget to say ‘thank you’; children notice everything. This is why it is vital to set a good example if you want your child to be successful. Continue working hard and portraying good habits, and they are sure to follow!

Holistic Education

I’m not saying take them to the most expensive school or take them out of Nigeria, but it is important to give your child a well-rounded education. The 21st Century world is one where your child will need more than Maths and English to be successful. Try and involve them in sports, music, coding, STEM; depending on their strengths, and this will give them a greater chance of success. Your child could be the next Lionel Messi or Steve Jobs for all you know, so it is vital to broaden their horizons and focus on more than just the traditional subjects.

This is what we specialise in at Meadow Hall Education. Our shared vision is to raise excellent, Godly and well-rounded children who will attain their highest potential in life and become lifelong learners. Apart from striving for excellence in the traditional subjects, we give children the opportunity to excel in many other avenues. We possess world class facilities including, an astro-turf, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, a swimming pool and a 100m running track. Outside school, we also have an Edutainment centre in Lekki Phase 1 where children can hone their talents in areas like music, writing, languages, STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) after school and Saturdays programmes.

To raise a successful child in this competitive world is not a walk in the park, but these steps above are crucial in order to give your child the best chance possible. Giving them responsibility, showing tough love and compassion, exhibiting good habits and giving them the most holistic education, will lead your child on the road to success!

At Meadow Hall, we are committed to excellence and we are passionate about the holistic development of children. We use education as a tool for societal transformation.

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