It is still hard to believe that Meadow Hall has grown from one company into five! It has evolved from being a school into an entire EDUCATION group. Please read on…

As the saying goes, the journey of a thousand miles starts with a step- In July, 2002, I decided to take that proverbial step and follow my passion to set up an educational institution that would raise excellent and Godly children, who would not only attain their highest potential, but also use their skills and knowledge to affect their nation positively, as change agents, solution providers and transformational leaders.

In 13 years, the school has grown to become a force to be reckoned with in the education sector and in our nation as we cater for the individual academic needs of thousands of pupils. We have also created opportunities for our students to express themselves in other areas such as Music, Sports, Technology and Arts (to mention a few)

The desire to provide more of such opportunities to both Meadow Hall pupils (and other children in other parts of our nation) led to the establishment of Spring Meadow Edutainment. Other companies under the Group include:

Meadow Hall Education
Meadow Hall has grown from a one-site school delivering quality education to primary and infant school students, to a school with two sites;Lekki and Ikoyi, and three sections: college, primary and infant.

Meadow Hall Consult
The educational consulting arm of Meadow Hall Group provides creative and innovative support to educational institutions. It is dedicated to raising the standard and quality of education in Nigeria.

Meadow Hall Branchise
The aim of the company is to manage the business expansion of the Group by setting up branches for Meadow Hall Education in strategic locations, manage the Spring Meadow franchise programme and to oversee all the operational strategies that are crucial to the success of the Group.

Meadow Hall Foundation
Is the non-profit arm of the Meadow Hall Group which supports communities, public schools, pupils and teachers through various charitable initiatives and programmes.

Meadow Hall Resources
is an enterprise, investing in intellectual property assets and sales of products such as educational books, journals, research papers, special education teaching aids and equipment amongst others.


To say that the evolution of Meadow hall into a Group is extremely exciting is to say the least; even more thrilling is the fact that with the group structure, we can achieve so much more than can be achieved by any “one” school.

We have recruited highly experienced and passionate people to Head the various subsidiaries and already they have begun to make great strides.